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Orthodontics in Lake Zurich

Everyone should have straight teeth as this is not only beneficial to their aesthetic but their oral health as well. At Sandy Point Dental, our Lake Zurich dentists offer comprehensive orthodontic treatments to help patients achieve a perfectly aligned smile. We pride ourselves on providing effective dental care which allows patients to reach their dental goals. Whether to help guide a child’s developing smile or an adult looking to improve their facial aesthetic, we deliver quality orthodontic treatment to maintain optimal oral health.

Correcting Children’s Misaligned Smiles in Lake Zurich

Our Lake Zurich dental practice offers phasal orthodontics for children. This treatment is for those whose permanent teeth are emerging and require intervention to encourage proper alignment. We approach each case differently, as we know every patient has a unique smile. Our dentists work to prevent and treat structural issues that would affect the appearance and function of your dental anatomy.

The beginning of phasal orthodontic is making sure a child’s dental anatomy will able to support newly erupting teeth. By using dental x-rays, our Lake Zurich determines if upcoming teeth require orthodontic assistance to ensure they emerge into the smiles correctly. Metal-wired braces and palatal expanders are used to prepare a child’s smile for upcoming adult teeth to make sure there is enough space and they emerge well-aligned.

Orthodontics for Adults

Teeth that do not align correctly when biting are more likely to wear down prematurely as the distribution of pressure is uneven. It also causes stress to your jaw joint and facial muscles. Sandy Point Dental offers traditional metal braces for patients who require complex or extensive care.

At our practice, patients receive full-service orthodontic care for most cases of malocclusions. We provide metal braces with colored brackets and bands for those who wish to show off their individuality. We also offer aesthetically-minded bands that blend in with neighboring teeth, allowing patients to show off their smile even when receiving metal-based orthodontics.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Invisalign clear aligners allow patients to discreetly straighten their teeth.

Our dental professionals take impressions of your dental anatomy and send them to the Invisalign lab so they may create your custom-made appliances. Treatment requires patients to change aligners every two weeks as teeth gently shift into improved positions.

Patients require diligence when it comes to their dental care, as they must wear their trays for 22 hours a day to achieve desired results.

Straighten Your Smile at Sandy Point Dental!

Our Lake Zurich dentists provide orthodontic treatment for patients who need to improve teeth alignment for aesthetic or oral health purposes. Our dental team at Sandy Point Dental meets patients’ dental goals and exceeds their expectations by delivering quality, personalized care.